How To Motivate A Child To Do Sports

How To Motivate A Child To Do Sports

We all know that movement and exercises are the right choice. We teach this our children too. Just one hour of active movement at least three times a week (or half an hour, but more often), and results are encouraging: better mood, beautiful body lines, stronger health. If the weather is good, we naturally spend more time in fresh air, move more (walking, running, cycling, etc.). Or there is even more willingness to go to the gym. It is the same with our children: during the summertime we usually do not feel the lack of movement or ideas for active leisure. However, when a fall comes and there is more darkness than sunlight, we often feel the lack motivation not only for exercises at home, but even for a trip to the gym.

But creative parents have ideas! When it comes to exercising with kids at home or going to workouts, they come up with a variety of ways of promotions and reminders so that exercises would not be forgotten on a daily routine.


A fridge – a very commonly visited object at home. This is why it is a great place to put up the exercise reminder board. And after the exercise is finished it is very easy to note that the day’s task has been completed.



After the exercise is finished, it is very fun to mark the exercises you just completed with your kids using coloured pencils in a special notebook. But it is very important to remember to do so after every training.



Always  and everywhere! Sticking the sticker is always a joyful occupation for little hands. Even if any other way of motivating is used, a sticker on the hand stuck after exercise is the best reward for effort.

Source: JumpToItDesignsInc


If the family has a calendar that includes all day tasks, then it can be marked a day of exercise with a sticker in it. In this way, the child has the opportunity to contribute to the family calendar, which gives him a lot of good emotions.

Source: Free Reward Cards

Every family chooses the most convenient way to track and remind daily habits and it helps to remember daily exercises among over day tasks. And good habits formed in childhood will certainly be useful in the future as well. At the same time, it’s very fun for both parents and children to count “active” days, keep track of their achievements, and evaluate their achievements at the end of the week or month. It motivates not to stop and seek even more.


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