Our Story

Atletino was founded by professionals with over 16 years of experience in kids’ physical education. The team worked in stealth mode for over 6 years to test a new athletics-based methodology. Right now, having over trained 4,000 kids, we’re confident that our high- quality education helps kids get results and achieve their best.

Atletino believes in a long-term athletic development approach. Instead of specializing children too early (in football, dance, tennis, basketball, etc.), which limits their abilities to choose sports they like – not to mention the negative effects these sports may have on their body – children should start out with the fundamentals. The Atletino programme advocates for sampling a range of sports before specializing in one. This choice is accompanied by a gradual move away from deliberate play (low in structure, but high in enjoyment) and towards more deliberate practice as a healthier route to top-level performance.

Because of this, Atletino helps kids discover their true talents, even when they or their parents don’t know what the child wants to be or do in the future.

Our Activities …

… develop fast, motivated, disciplined, happy, coordinated children. We produce kids who will not only be the most-wanted person on any team, but ones who will enjoy huge benefits beyond sport such as faster learning, better test results, higher income, and more.