TARGETED physical activity education is critically important for the future success of the child.

Parents who spend at least 15 minutes a day performing scientifically based and practically tested exercises can help their children enhance their body and physical abilities, activate the areas in their child’s brain that are responsible for learning, and also cultivate loving family relationships.


Our unique physical education games are based on the physical, emotional, intellectual abilities of children aged between 7 and 36 months old, their individual learning needs, hobbies, interests, and experience. Currently we offer two different games: one for 7-24 month-old babies, and another for toddlers between 24 and 36 months.


Our comprehensive guide to kids’ physical education is based on scientific research and practice and will help you better understand the fundamentals of children’s physical education and its importance when kids start to develop different abilities – and how you can help them.


If you want to add fun to your playing experience, check out our specially crafted accessories! Extra game cards, a book for tracking results, and much more will surely give you and your child many pleasurable moments!