Atletino’s methodology was perfected by professionals with over 16 years of experience. The team toiled in stealth mode for over 6 years to test the methodology. Today, having trained over 2,000 kids, we’re confident we can offer high-quality services and products that help kids lead healthy, active lives and achieve their best.




Atletino’s athletic approach to kids’ training gives provides benefits including:


Physical activity becomes a pleasure.

Full physical development

Trains all groups of muscles and balances body structure.

In shape

Achieve a normal weight within1 year – guaranteed.


30% better overall physical performance.


Train without injuries.


Improved reaction times and up to 40% higher scores at school.


Atletino’s philosophy is to lead kids to active life. We strive to develop happy, motivated, disciplined, and well-coordinated children. Whether you’re a professional trainer, sports club or a parent raising children – we have solutions for you!


Atletino – an innovative athletic training system for kids based on over 16 years of expertise and 6 years of testing on over 2,000 kids. It offers programmes for kids aged 8 months to 12 years in a fun and playful environment that can keep them active and focused. 98% of the children who try Atletino classes like them, and over 80% of them participate in classes all season long. After a year of training, the kids are in good shape and achieve 30% better overall physical performance than they did before they began the program.

Atletino makes physical fitness fun – and does it well!

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For 10 years, we analysed reams of scientific literature and methods of children’s physical education and tested the effectiveness and benefits of scores of different training methods. With great attention and care, and based only on what’s best for growing children, we set up special athletic games designed to develop the physical, emotional, intellectual abilities of children between 7-36 months old. Everything we do is tailored to the child’s individual educational needs, hobbies, interests, and experience.

All this in as little as 15 minutes a day!

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Years of experience

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  • I am delighted with the authors’ professionalism and the initiative to take care of children's activity, health and well-being. The basic physical skills gained in childhood are very important for a career in sports later on. I hope that in the future Lithuania will have more accomplished athletes, and Atletino's methodology will reach not only the many parents who want and can exercise with their children at home, but also as many educational institutions as possible.

    Virgilijus Alekna
    Virgilijus Alekna
    Champion of the Olympic Games, Lightweight Athlete, Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
  • The Atletino book and exercise cards are a great way to encourage children to move more often. The authors’ system, consisting of professionally selected exercises according to age group and abilities, allow purposeful development of children’s physical characteristics at the most appropriate times. We still perform some of the exercises with our youngest daughter, and we also think this kit is a useful and fun gift for friends who are raising babies.

    Jonas MaÄŤiulis
    Jonas MaÄŤiulis
    EuroLeague champion, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian League champion, Eurobasket Silver Medalist, FIBA World Cup Bronze medalist